To be successful in fundraising, you have to be thoughtful and creative about setting your goals, then mapping out a plan to achieve them. At RJZ Connections, we challenge our clients to think boldly, to take risks. What you've done in the past might not work today. An idea that's innovative for one organization might be a bad fit for another. Those aren't problems. They're opportunities. Opportunities to grow, to find smart, new ways to broaden and deepen your base of supporters.


Fundraising is a relationship business. No nonprofit can thrive without strong, well-tended relationships among staff, board members, volunteers and donors. RJZ Connections helps clients achieve new levels of fundraising success by fostering a philanthropic ecosystem that gives everyone a role to play in building and strengthening relationships. With a deeper understanding of why your donors give, you can more confidently develop strategies for getting them to invest even more.


No single fundraising strategy fits all nonprofits. Every organization has its own unique strengths and challenges. Whatever sets you apart, the key to being strategic about fundraising is simple. It's all about listening to your donors, figuring out not just why they give but how they like to give. What about your organization matters most to them? What can you do to deepen their commitment to your cause? RJZ Connections will help you answer those questions so you can be smarter and more effective about raising the funds you need to do your important work.